Adbhutham Movie Review:- No Spoilers

5 months ago

A worth watch Sci-Fi thriller for this weekend. (Available:- Disney Plus Hotstar)

This friday,one more film from tollywood arrived on digital streaming platform to entertain you with an unexpected Sci-Fi concept which includes a bubbly love tale. It's non other than "Adbhutham",which is streaming officially on Disney Plus Hotstar. Let us give you some reasons to watch this movie in your weekend,under the name of "Review" without gifting any kind of spoilers

Story:- Surya (Teja Sajja) is a youngster who is literally upset with his life and decides to end his chapter by commiting suicide on random moment. While he decides to jump from the top of his own working towers,a message hits his mobile through a notification. He initially stops his suicide attempt and checks that message which let him realise that the message came from his own phone number and the other person named Vennala (Shivani) sent that message to him. What happens after that moment and who is the person texted from the same phone number which might not even possible technically. This entire opening plot will connects the dots that we have gone through the trailer cut in recent times. Who is vennala and what is the thrilling aspect between these characters which made a connection through the same phone number? To find out answers for these questions,you need to watch this movie without skipping a single frame.

Positive:- Teja Sajja and Shivani Rajashekar's performances. Screenplay and background score. Production values.

Negatives:- Some predictable scenes

Teja Sajja-the boy next door in tollywood who scored the hypnotic hit with Zombie Reddy,came on board with this versatile subject and characterisation. The way he choosing the scripts is absolutely appreciable and this subject is definitely new in our tollywood for sure. His performance in this film is an obvious thing who showcased an emotional segments with more intensity and improved his dialogue diction more better when compared to his previous films. The family genre audience going to love him as an actor for sure with this film,who becomes close to the heart by the time the film ends.

Shivani Rajashekar,an unexpected girl next door actress who is precisely a surprise thing in the tollywood town. Usually,people never expects the best performance from the debutants actresses particularly in these kind of experiment subjects. Her every frame will make you fall in love with her performance and screen presence. To be honest,her acting skills are natural and dialogue diction is absolutely sticked to the character where we cannot find any artificiality in characterisation. She is going to be one of the finest actress in this generation if she selects more and more better projects with best characters in the future.

Satya,Sivaji Raja and Chammak Chandra are the only three characters who stood in film with longer durations when compared to other characters. Satya and Chandra asusually did their best as supporting character which comes comedy segments. Sivaji Raja is absolutely a best actor who can make you feel with his honest emotions and in this film he did his best as father role which many fathers in real life might connects to him,surely. Senior Actress Thulasi's role will surprise you during some crucial scenes promisingly represents her acting skills. Remaining characters like Anjali,sridivya and Devi Prasad are upto their mark in limited durations.

Till date,there are no science fiction backdrop stories which binds a bubbly love story within the screenplay. This film will surely give some new experience where we can feel funny segments usually happens in young age love stories. The editor Garry BH is the backbone for this film who tried his best to showcase the emotions of director,who wants to convey the audience through perfect visual narration. Radhan's music is absolutely fresh and trendy for sure. His background score is one of the highlights,particularly during emotional sequences. The director "Mallik Ram" proved his skills through this film which is a debut project for his career. He succeeded in projecting his ideas related to science through a fictional love story. But,he might have written some scenes between lead pairs far more better. Some are predictable and some of testing the patience of audience who are habituated to advanced concepts through ott platforms. The production is absolutely impressive and probably the producer "Mogulla Chandrashekar Reddy" given his best which needed for the story-execution. Still,we are not able to believe that this film made in 2016 and released in this year due to some internal issues. It's still like a new generation film with righteous production quality which we are experiencing right the moment through various content platforms.

Verdict:- A worth watch love tale under science fiction backdrop which will stick you to your own devices from beginning to ending. Zero expectations will make you fall in love with this film for sure. It's a complete family entertainer for your weekend which you should not skip by highlighting some negative points through other reviews. Trust us,it's an experience in best scales to watch this kind of experiment film after completing your stressful working hours. This film is officially Streaming on Disney Plus Hotstar.

Rating:- 3/5 (for performances,screenplay,direction,music,scifi plot)