Akhanda movie review:- No Spoilers...

5 months ago

Nandamuri Balakrishna and Boyapati Sreenu's roaring block buster

NBK and Boyapati Sreenu combination itself is a sensational tag in tollywood town who proved their perfect duo magic at box office previously with Simha and Legend. This combination is prepared to entertain the telugu audience for third time in never expected way with their "Akhanda". This film released in both the states and overseas in huge number of theatres which has the theatre count like never before in balayya's career when compared to his previous films. Let us give you some finest and worth reason that why this film is a block buster and why you should choose this film as mandatory entertainer for your weekend,without letting you know the spoilers.

Positive:- Balakrishna's terrific performance as akhanda Pragya Jaiswal and Srikanth's mesmorising screen presence. Thaman's background music. Boyapati's direction C Ram Prasad's cinematography.

Negatives:- some scenes in first half may not impress the all kinds of audience Srikanth's character length.

Rating:- 3.5/5 (a strict film for the fans of NBK)

Let us not reveal the story as the key point itself is a surprise package for this entire film. We will give you some major plus points or reason to watch this film instead of unveiling the major points of this film like a spoilers.

Nandamuri Bala Krishna-is literally back with a block buster tag.There is no doubt that this film is going to create "Simha" and "Legend" kind of records at the box office. The performance he did in two characters is literally an exceptional thing for which you are going to feel the goosebump levels at peaks for sure within the auditorium. His dialogue diction is immensively great and his avatar in the look of "Akhanda" is absolutely awesome. Don't know wether it will be a spoiler or not but we had to promise you that if you are going to theatres only for akhanda's avatar then you will get a bonus character in which NBK looks very stylish and intense within the character of "Murali Krishna". Balayya fans going to witness a never before characterisation and performance from our very own Bala Krishna undoubtedly.

Pragya Jaiwal-one of the most talented actress in tollywood town arrived as Saranya in this film. Her looks are absolutely gorgeous and perfectly apt beside balayya as homely role in major part of this film. After a long time,she is receiving huge appreciation and greeting from her fans as well as ingeneral audience from the morning show onwards.

Srikanth-the finest actor of tollywood turned out as ferocious villain for this film,which is an unexpected thing for any of his fans. His looks are extremely good as villain shade and done his exemplary performance very equal to the balakrishna. The scenes between balakrishna and srikanth will make you shout out within the auditorium,particularly the interval portion. We have to appreciate that srikanth succeeded as villain in "varadharaju" role.

Jagapathi Babu,Subbaraju are literally like a cameo roles in this film who absolutely done the immense justified for their roles. Even though short span cameos,but very important roles for this film who are the reasons to change the drama story into a thriller format.

Boyapati Sreenu-the most loved director for mass audience came on block buster board with this film as he promised earlier. As we know,his previous film vinaya vidheya rama was a disaster at box office and fans of nbk worried at the moment they announced the akhanda project during initial stages of shoot. But all those fears and dilemma of fans are literally vanished after the morning show,precisely. He again proved that no one can deal the mass pulse when it comes to NBK,better than him. This film remains as one of the most versatile commercial format film in their respective careers and tollywood history. Trust us,you won't regret after watching this film even with high expectations. The interval portion and pre climax to climax portions can make you stick to the edge of the seat for sure.

Ram Prasad-his cinematography is one of the main highlight for this film who picturised each and every character very perfectly and tried his best to enhance the emotion dreamed by boyapati sreenu.

Thaman S-the man of the season who gifted his musical magic for nbk fans in extreme levels. The background score he composed is literally a soul for this film which will make you shout within the auditorium continuously. Thaman-Balakrishna-Boyapati srinu'c combination will be remain as succesful trident tag without any doubt.

Miryala Ravindar Reddy's production is the most happening talk within the tollywood town.The way he produced this film is a gigantic thing for any technician in film making process. Every frame of grandeurness we will see on big screen is worth because of his production values.

Verdict:- This film is a strict film for the fans of Nandamuri Balakrishna and Boyapati sreenu who loves to witness the immense mass flavour in an action drama. The family audience will surely enjoy this film from the moment they involves in the characterisation of "Akhanda" and second half will be a feast to the audience who desired to watch an out and out action drama. Choose this film as your weekend watchlist to witness NBK's performance.