An Electric scooter goes up flames in Hyderabad,again.

3 days ago

The rise of fuel prices are leading people to habituate for an eco-based life where the Electric scooters are being replacing the fuel based vehicles. In the span of three years of time,the usage and market value of electric scooters are raised like never before particularly in the timeline between 2021-2022. Lots of brands are evolved from no where into the market and receiving some good reviews from the customers for every penny they are charging to buy a e-bike. On other side,again a popular brand's E-scooter sets on fire in Hyderabad during the night time. This is almost tenth incident since a month where this kind of complaints and news are evolving from hyderabad zone. The E-scooter set on fire after the owner parked on a side-by road,due to the increasing level of temperatures within the scooter's mechanism. This incident happend around 9pm within the perimeter of LBnagar and the owner of this bike is actually a food delivery person. Lot of smoke has evolved from the bike after he tried to turn on the bike post to his delivery hault and that smoke leads to fire suddenly,helplessly.