Bengali actress Aindrila Sharma passed away (24).

1 week ago

Aindrila Sharma- the beautiful actress and finest performer has passed away at the age of 24 on this Sunday. This actress suffered multiple cardiac arrests (Heart attack) on earlier last night. But her condition became very critical even after the CPR procedures. She was kept in ventilator condition in one of the Howrah's hospital. Earlier, she was a brave cancer survivor who defeated the disease for twice and She was recently declared "cancer-free" by the doctors. She recently made her acting comeback too and entertained her fans with her charismatic performance. After knowing about her demise, a huge fan crowd gathered at crematorium to pay the final respecters to their favorite actress "Aindrila Sharma". The director Raj Chakraborty and the Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, who is fond of Aindrila had assured her family all sorts of support. After stepping into the entertaining showbiz with TV show ‘Jhumur’, Aindrila Sharma became very popular for Bengali audience and earned lots of fan's love with the presence in further projects, advts.