Bimbisara Movie Review..

3 months ago

A worth watch Family Entertainer.

Nandamuri Kalyanam-the finest performer in Tollywood is back to the Telugu box office with his latest versatile genre "BIMBISARA". The movie is playing in the theatres from today onwards and the grand theatrical openings are obtained by this anticipated movie. Let's check out what are the reasons to watch this promising Fantasy Action Thriller, only in the Theatres.

Rating :- 3.5/5

Positives:- Nandamuri Kalyanram's Performance, Action sequences in Second Half, Pre Climax and Climax portions, Screenplay, Cinematography, Songs and Background score.

Negatives :- Some slow paced sequences in First Half, Few Predictable scenes.

Cast and Crew:- This movie is a directional venture of Vassisht, who made a debut into the Tollywood with this prestigious project. Nandamuri Kalyanram, Catherine Tressa, Samyuktha Menon, Sreenivas Reddy, Vennela Kishore, Tanikella Bharani, Vivan Bhatena, Ayyappa P Sharma are the actors who played crucial characters from beginning to ending of this "Bimbisra". The legendary music director MM Keeravani composed background score for this movie. Songs are composed by Chirrantan Bhatt. Editing by Tammi Raju and Cinematography by the iconic DOP Chota K Naidu. VFX supervisor Anil Paduri whereas the Art is done by Kiran Kumar Manne. The entire movie is promisingly produced by Harikrishna K under the banner NTR ARTS.

Story:- Around the time line 500 B.C., Bimbisara (Nandamuri Kalyanram) is the king of Trigartala Kingdom who is known as the Evil and ruthless king ever who occupies every kingdom without any mercy. Because of his Evil actions on the people within his own kingdom, he will be cursed by a noble man on a random situation. The curse change his life and leads him to travel from his time period to present time line (our time period), the world where he get bunch of surprises along with some problems. Because of various challenging situations faced in the present time, Bimbisara changes into Good from Evil personality. What is the curse? What is the reason behind connection between Bimbisara time period and modern age time period? Did Bimbisara return back to his original time period or get stuck in our present world? What is the reason and situation made Bimbisara to turn from Evil into Good personality ? To get this answer, please visit the theatres nearby in which you will definitely have the answers for all these questions and much more surprises as a bonus to your ticket.

Pros and Cons :- The first and foremost plus point for this movie is the stupendous performance of Nandamuri Kalyanram. Literally, we can consider this movie as "A one man show" entertainer because of the actor Kalyanram who bared all the entertaining responsibilities on his shoulder from beginning to ending of this fabulous entertainer. The dual avatar of Kalyanram will definitely steal your heart, even though you may not a hardcore fan of him. The screen presence of Kalyanram as a king in 500 BC era and the ultra stylish look in the present time period is undoubtedly incredible. Perhaps, this movie projects the intense acting of Kalyanram like never before who nailed the frames with the set of expressive eyes. The swag he shelved in the action sequences particularly in the second half of the movie is absolutely a phenomenal thing.

The performances of the two gorgeous actresses "Catherine Tressa" and "Samyuktha Menon" are worth to watch on the big screen. To be honest, their characters remained as the supportive roles in the screenplay. In fact, we don't see their screen time in the second half of the movie more than 10 min (overall). According to the talks in promotional interviews, the director and actresses themselves said that their roles will be more prominent in the next movie which is said to be a promising sequel project. So, we can consider their roles and screen time as a glimpse of introduction for this movie. Apart from their screentime and importance of characters, the performances done by both the actresses are absolutely splendid. Definitely, the appreciation for their performances will remain as one of the milestone in both of the actress filmographies. It could have been better if the director used Samyuktha Menon's character in second half of the movie for few more scenes.

Sreenivas Reddy, the promising comedian of our Telugu cinema shines as "Zubeda" in this movie. Although there are less comedy portions in this movie, Sreenivas Reddy will definitely make you smile with his ultimate comedy timing in required portions of this fantasy thriller. The major highlight of the film is that the Sreenivas Reddy's role will become a turning point subject in the second half. After the success of "patas", Kalyanram and Sreenivas Reddy's duo succeeded in showcasing the best frames in this movie.

Vennela Kishore and Brahmaji- there is nothing much to tell about these roles played by the most talented performers. They will entertain you in less number of scenes for sure but don't expect the full pledge screen presence in this movie. We can consider them as a cameo performances in this family entertainer.

The villain of this story "Vivan Bhatena" did justice to his role so far. But the dubbing overlap will definitely disappoints you in the close-up frames where you can observe the non synchronized lip moments (Actor speaks Hindi originally on set, but audio of the character is Telugu dubbed by other artist). Apart from this, he did a better performance than so called actors who were imported from other industries in well known films.

The child artist Sridevi performed very well in this movie. In Fact, her role is an important subject that revolves around entire movie which changes the plot at certain point. It's definitely not easy for a kid to balance the frames with a settled performance while the actor like Kalyanram is on the same frame.

Warina Hussain's surprise cameo will definitely raise the screen's temperature. She appeared in a special song as lead performer in the first half of this movie and makes youth to go crazy with her hottest avatar.

Technical Aspects:- MM Keeravani's background score is the soul factor for this hypnotic fantasy action thriller. The background score in Pre climax and Climax will remain as the highlight factor ,undoubtedly.

Chota K Naidu, the legendary cinematographer proved again with his brilliant skills in this movie. His picturization elevates the character and background properties in crystal clear manner. Unless it's Chota K Naidu, we can't image the perfect visuals for this kind of experimental subject. He definitely deserves half of the credit among remaining technicians and aspects.

Chirrantan Bhatt's songs will grab your attention which are already scored a blockbuster tag on musical platforms since their launch itself. Anil Paduri's VFX supervision are very impressive. But the kind request from us is that don't expect the high standard vfx shots like Baahubali in this movie. Tammi Raju's precise editing is impressive.

Vassisht- the debut director who made Kalyanram and Hari Krishna to believe in his work, succeeded in scoring a blockbuster tag at box office. His directional work is very impressive and expecting much more from his pen in the future. He officially announced there will be some set of sequels under this Bimbisara Franchise. Hence, it will be definitely worth to wait for his announced sequel with the same team of Bimbisara.

On a final note, we definitely assure you about this movie when it comes to the entertainment and some commercial elements even though there are few predictable scenes and slow paced narration in some portions. End of the moment, Kalyanram's belief on the directed Vassisht made a blockbuster family entertainer at this weekend's box office. Watch this movie as just a Fictional Fantasy science fiction genre, so that you can skip some illogical plots which may knock the heart of entertainment.

Final Verdict:- A paisa Vasool Entertainer that makes you sit in the theatre from Prologue to Epilogue of cinema. Apt for the Nandamuri Fans, General Movie Lovers, Fantasy genre fans, and family audience who are seeking for a good entertainer after back to back flops at Telugu Box office.