Cash movie review:- No spoilers..

5 months ago

"A paisa vasool kind of one time entertainer" (Available on Disney plus Hotstar)

On this friday i.e.19th November,two direct releases happend on over-the-top platform "Disney Plus Hotstar" instead of waving hi to public within the regular theatres. One of them is "Cash",a complete fresh concept with limited production cost which will promise us the minimum garuntee entertainment with smiles on our faces. Instead of revealing some spoilers,let us bring you some reasons to watch this film on your weekend.

Cast:- Amol Parashar,Smriti Kalra,Gulshan Grover,Kavin Dave,Swanand Kirkire and many more.

Story:- Arman Gulati (Amol parashar),an aspiring entrepreneur who fails to begin his own startup throughout the years along with his best friend and assuming partner Vivek (Kavin Dave). They both fails by undergoing many bussiness ideas which don't even have trail plans on the boards of investors. Suddenly,their life turns out from the moment the demonitisation happens in the country. Due to the demonitisation announcement,these both will convince themselves to initialise a new idea which is a bussiness scheme that turns black money into white illegaly and begins their trails from the day one of demonitisation. In this process,they meet Neha (Smirti Kalra) who is a real estate broker involves in these partner's bussiness on random situation. After so many interesting incidents that creates lots of mess in terms of money exchanging or converting process in demonitisation period,the relation between Arman and Neha will blossoms to next level of friendship. On other side,their business leads to many turns where new characters will changes their situation and lets them fall into tough hands Gautam Acharya (Gulshan Grover). Will they save their life from gautam acharya? Will Arman gulati becomes successful enterepreneur along with his partner Vivek? The relation between Neha and Arman will leads to next step of love? To find out all the answers,you need to watch this gripping crime thriller for sure.

Amol Parashar and Kavin Dave are highlight for this movie who plays the best characterisations with ultimate comedy diction. Their duo will make us stick to the frame to receive an instant smile on our faces. Smriti Kalra,the girl next door of bollywood town who impressed with her performance and glamour dose which is an additional benefit to this movie. Gulshan Grover,Swanand kirkire and every character in this film who appears in random segments will entertain us with their versatile characterisations who builds an interest along with screenplay. The whole cast in this movie are literally a gifted characterisations that sticks to the story and screenplay in their own limitations and entertains by generation dark comedy through out the frames.

Aarsh Vora and Rishab Seth's screenplay as well as dialogues are backbone to this movie. nine out of 10 dialogues will absolutely entertains which brings smiles on our faces by adding comedy flavour throughout the screenplay. The production values are too good when compares to the span of story. probably,Vishesh bhatt very well succeeded in handling it. Nagraj ratinam's cinematography is absolutely splendid who tried to capture the emotions and director's narration perfectly through his dop skills. It could have been better if story of this film was written with more gripping plots in between the characters. Besides the less impact of concept,the writers of this film Aarsh vora-rishab seth-vishesh bhat done their work at best grades for sure. Expecting more from these brilliant film makers in the future. Rishab Seth's direction is pretty much impressive cause he handled upto the mark as per story written by them own. Looking farword for his future projects who might do better than this with his exemplary directional skills. Denny,Akulli,Gourov-Roshin and Vayu's music is literally an additional asset for this movie. Ketan Sodha who tried best to enhance the fun levels between characters,with the background score perfectly during necessary segments.

Verdict:- Just watch the movie,if you want to have a funny entertaining content with limited characters. If the expectations are high after going through the trailer,then please make them to zero in order enjoy this film as "one time watchable" entertainer. If this film released in theatre,then we would have tell it as "Paisa Vasool" kind of fun film at box office. Not a mandatory watch list project,but for sure you can give a try for your weekend boredom. (Available on Disney Plus Hotstar and contains hindi audio language and english subtitles)

Rating:- 2.5/5 (average)