A Classy Entertainer from the house of DIL RAJU & SHIRISH.

4 months ago

Cast :- Naga Chaitanya, Raashi Khanna, Malavika Nair, Avika Gor, Sai Sushanth Reddy. Director:- Vikram K Kumar, Writer:- BVS Ravi, Music :- Thaman S, Cinematographer :- PC Sreeram, Producer:- Dil Raju, Shirish,

Rating :- 2.8/5

Positives:- Performances. Malavika Nair and Naga Chaitanya's character sequences. Background music. Cinematography. Run time (129 mins)

Negatives:- Lengthy Vizag episode in second half. predictable screenplay.

Naga Chaitanya and Vikram K Kumar-the combination is back after the successful classic MANAM. The expectations on this movie are huge as the brand production "SVC" is behind this movie with this super combination. Did the magic worked out well or not? Let's get into the details without spoiling some special emotions of this movie.

Story:- Abhiram (NAGA CHAITANYA) gains success by approaching his dream project with the help of his friend Priya (RAASHI KHANNA). Eventually, the friendship between Abhiram and Priya leads to the living relationship. Due to some change in the behavior of Abhiram in the process of moving step by step in his professional life, the relation between Priya and Abhiram gets in trouble that proportionally lead to breakup. After some incidents that happened in meanwhile, Abhiram finds himself by recollecting the memories of his initial school and college life. Did he changed as a better person or not? Will Abhiram and Priya patch-up in relationship? What kind of importance played by Paaru (Malavika Nair), Chinnu (Avika Gor), Sharwa (Sai Sushanth Reddy) in the life of Abhiram?

Basically, the story of Thank you movie will narrates the incredible journey of the most successful person who begins his new journey by meeting the people who helped him or became the reason by influencing in random situations which lead to reach the successful heights. This line and movie will definitely remind you the Raviteja's classic "Naa Autograph".

Performances:- The first and foremost asset of this movie is the matured performance of Naga Chaitanya. This movie is a proof that Naga Chaitanya is improving the scale of his performance score by adapting the characterization and became professional in delivering the roles with superior acting. When it come to the character of ABHIRAM, there are three kinds of roles which replicate the different stages of life and different physical looks at every stage. Naga Chaitanya transformed himself into the teenage boy, Adolescent and rugged college student and matured successful man in those respective three stages. In every stage and every look, Naga Chaitanya nailed the role with outstanding acting skills and timing.

Raashi Khanna- the bubbly and favorite actress of South India bags the best reports for her pleasant performance in this movie. Her charishma and expressive eyes added flavor to the character Priya. Her chemistry with Naga Chaitanya is adorable and she is one of the finest asset for this movie.

Malavika Nair- the promising actress made her great comeback with this beautiful tale. In the first half of this movie, she played the centroid character which makes us fall in love with every frame, along with Naga Chaitanya. Her expressive eyes and dialogue diction are plus points for the entire flashback sequences in first half.

Avika Gor- A surprising role that steals the hearts of her fans in second half of this movie. Her role is a kind of spoiler alert, so we request you to experience the sequences between Naga Chaitanya's role and her only on Big screen. Even though there are short and crisp scenes for her role, she did justice for her role "Chinnu" with the best in class performance.

Sai Sushanth Reddy- After the best screen presence as main lead in Ee Nagaraniki Emaindi, he showcased his natural performance in this movie as Sharwa which has some negative shades when it comes to the rivalry with the character Abhiram. His character is very important in the second half of this movie and he nailed with his settled-best acting in one of the emotion sequence.

Technical Aspects:- The director VIKRAM K KUMAR delivered the movie in his own terms and reached to the expectations. But, he could have select a better story in this ott vs theatre era. His way of transforming words from script into visual narration on big screen is stupendous like his previous movies. But disappointed the fans by choosing this kind of simple concept when compared to the brilliant tales in his filmography. All kind of audience won't love this classy entertainer, but the movie is simple yet beautiful.

BVS Ravi, the writer of this THANK YOU succeeded in producing the emotions from the story line with his writing skills.

PC SREERAM, the legendary cinematographer is the soul technician for this beautiful cinema. His amazing frames made us to understand the righteous emotion behind the every sequence. His camera work is absolutely incredible, particularly in some song sequences. As usual, his each and every frame will tells us a mini story along with the nature of characters in this movie. Expecting another project from this DOP and Director combination in the future which have the chances to create wonders on big screen.

THAMAN S-the outstanding musical Icon of Indian cinema, enhanced the soul of this movie with his exemplary background score. In fact, his song compositions are versatile in this movie when compared to the last five projects which score blockbuster commercially on audio platform. This movie will remain in the hearts of fans and telugu audience when it comes to the musical numbers, which increased the emotion level of every sequences to best range.

The production values of Dil Raju and Shirish are top notch. They never disappointed as film makers, but the film does due to various reasons.

Final Verdict :- Watch this movie with zero expectations and you will definitely fall in love with every character played by our promising actors.