Dhamaka Movie Review:-It's literally Not a great explosive (Available on Netflix)

5 months ago

Before going into the review,how many of you marked this movie under your watchlist from the moment you gone through the trailer which was released a month ago? Don't know wether this movie will come under a mandatory watchlist content on your note or skippable film in case if you go through some reviews which are mostly filled with negative terms,but will give you some reasons wether to watch this movie or not without giving any spoilers from this "Dhamaka".


Arjun Pathak (Karthik Aaryan),the ex prime time reporter who used to be very popular regarding his work and dedication under "bharosa 24x7" channel. Due to some reasons he has been shifted to the Radio RJ section of same channel where his dreams to become the best reporter is faded off,precisely. On random moment while he is on live (air),a call from a stranger connects to Arjun Pathak's desk which turns his life to the unexpected level. With an obligation which we should not reveal as a spoiler,the stranger threatens the people of media and politicians by warning about the bomb that he placed under the "sea link" flyover. Post to this segments,the situation of arjun pathak turns into a trajedic thing within no time after some demands obligs by the so called stranger. What's the reason behind the stranger's terrorist kind of act? What's the connection between Arjun Pathak and Saumya mehra pathak who is a reporter in the same channel? To what extent the life of arjun pathak turns into horrible situation within few hours time? There are lot more questions in the "Dhamaka" chapter which can't even mention in this as a question that turns out as major spoilers.

Positives:- Karthik Aaryan performance. Visual effects and background score.

Negatives:- "routine" experimental content. predictable narration.

The first 5minutes of film is quite beautiful where we can witness the beautiful love track of Karthik Aaryan and Mrunal Thakur's characters. Even though mrunal thakur portrayed as cameo role,she is literally good at screen presence and performance in the limited screen space. In the whole movie,karthik aaryan is the only actor who takes large screen space where the other characters like Ankita role played by Amruta Subhash and the character Jayant Patil’s deputy Subhash Mathur played by Vishwajeet Pradhan shares less screen pace which is literally a better length than other crucial characters in this film. To be honest,this film has similar plots like the films which has been released in the bollywood town in last two decades. For example A Wednesday,Table number 21 etc etc. End of the day,this concept is literally out of date which is streaming in wrong time for sure on netflix. If it was released in atleast 5 years ago,it could have been added in experiment chart for sure.

The production quality is literally good where we can find the original atmosphere of a news house as the film revolves around the news media property. The vfx supervisor "Biju Dhanapalan" done his best work in this film with the grandeur conviction in some portions. Ram Madhvani's directional skills are excellent but it would have been more special if he choosen other story or content instead of this internal thrilling drama where thrilling aspect didn't workout well. A disappointment to the fans of karthik aaryan who expected more from him in terms of script selection while going through the trailer at it's release time. Even though his performance is absolutely best but doesn't add to the list of under-rated film for sure. There are lots of negatives to express but they may turns as spoiler heads to the people who are interested to watch it at their weekend time irrespective of reviews and talks (actual movie lovers who goes through every film irrespective of reviews and critics).

Verdit:- Not a worth to watch but give a try if you never seen the movies like "A Wednesday" kind of short time thrillers. But,can assure you it's not that bad to skip blatantly.

Rating:-2.3/5 (Below Average)