Fall in love with the new short film ANAND VIHARI .

2 months ago

Telugu entertainment boards are filled with the list of young talents and story tellers in this all new generation. A new set of young talented passionate people joined hands and made a short film to entertain us in promising manner. The movie is titled as “ Anand Vihari “ and It’s a pleasant short film that runs for 15 minutes-duration approximately. This special short movie is available to play on Golden Peacock Telugu Youtube ‘s channel. The beautiful frames shot in Vizag city,a promising musical number and a bit of thrilling twist are key highlights of this short tale.

This flick is ardently directed by Nani Babu. Ranga Ramanuja and Subhaka are the producers of this ANAND VIHARI. They believed in content and made this feel good tale under their home banner Ranga Ramanuja Productions. Pavan and Anuvarma are the actors who played the roles “Anand Vihari” and “Samyuktha”. Rajashekhar Thangella‘s dialogues, Nani Babu and KB’s Screenplay, Praveen Kola’s Editing and DI , Karunakar Bablu‘s (KB) stupendous camera work (DOP) are the technical highlights who worked hard behind the screen for this promising presentation. Music is composed by V Kiran Kumara. When it comes to the matter of music, a special song is composed as a part of story telling and it was sung by Pranab Behara. It stood as the highlighted factor for this short film. The lyrics are written by AJ. A violin track is played by Sandilya Pisapati, stupendously. Watch this “Anand Vihari” on Golden Peacock Telugu channel and share your views on comments section, as worth feedbacks.