1 month ago

An Ultimate Laughter Riot

Movie:- Happy Birthday Director:- Rithesh Rana. Cast:- Lavanya Tripathi, Naresh Agastya, Satya, Vennela Kishore, Rahul Ramakrishna, Getup Sreenu,Gundu Sudhershan. Produced by:- Chiranjeevi (Cherry) and Hemalatha Pedamallu. Presented by:- Mythri Movie Makers. Music:- Kaala Bhairava.

Positives:- Screenplay, Performances, Comedy sequences, Kaala Bhairava's background score

Negatives:- Tough to connect with some scenes in second half. Rating:-3/5

Plot:- The story happens within a Surreal world created by the director Rithesh Rana. It's basically a non-linear screenplay in which every character has it's own motive and the story happens in between the situation of character. In this story, the minister Rithvik Sodhi (Vennela Kishore) passes a gun adaptation bill in the parliament. The actual drama begins from this moment which leads to form the several situations in between the characters. The story cuts to the "Happy" (Lavanya Tripathi) who comes to the hotel of Rithvik Sodhi to celebrate her birthday. An interesting link will be generated in between Happy and the characters Max pain(Satya), room boy( Naresh agastya), Gunda (Rahul Ramakrishna), Uncle Fixit (Sudhershan) which leads to happen the flurry of events.

Performances:- Perhaps, this is the movie which has no "Lead Hero" as per the screenplay. Each and every character acts as lead when their situation emerges on the screen. The performance of LAVANYA TRIPATHI will definitely steals the hearts of her fans. After a long interval, she got an opportunity to showcase herself in the benchmark kind of role like never before. Her glamour and the comedy timing are the main assets to this movie. The character played by NARESH AGASTYA is pretty much impressive. In fact, the variation he showcased with his acting skills in first and second half of the film are appreciable. The characters played by VENNELA KISHORE and SATYA are literally considered as the Top Notch performances. They received the best chance and screen space from the director to shine on the screen with their incredible comedy timing. The "translation sequence" in second half between these two comedy icons is feast to laugh. On other side, the character "Uncle Fixit" played by the well known character artist "Gundu Sudhershan" is definitely going to be a comeback role. He nailed the screen with his different comedy timing in an excellent manner. Even though there is a less screen space to share, Getup Sreenu, Rahul Ramakrishna, Viva Harsha and few more artists lived upto their characters as expected.

Technical Aspect:- The production design is very good in this kind of small budget movie. The editing is brilliant and kudos to the word done by Editor Karthika Srinivas R. The background score is the main highlight of this movie which is composed by Kaala Bhairava. Shankar Uyyala & Teja R's action choreography are impressive. Suresh Sarangam's cinematography added soul to the surreal world created by the director Ritesh Rana. It's very tough to create this kind of a entertaining screenplay by taking Surreal drama and comedy as a genre. We should appreciate the writer and director Ritesh Rana for providing this kind of laughter riot with the limited resources. If you are a fan of his previous work "Matthu Vadalara", then this movie is definitely for you to enjoy each and every frame of characters who makes you laugh for bigger minutes of time. Actually,we can't compare this movie with Matthu Vadalara but the director's touch will be present in this Happy Birthday movie which promises you the entertainment with bunch of comedy sequences. If you are interested in watching illogical story and non commercial subjects, then you can choose this movie for the weekend to have some laughs.

Final Verdict:- An entertaining movie to watch once. This movie is not everyone's cup of tea. It's a non regular and non commercial movie precisely.