Kurup movie review:- No Spoilers, The honest film which tests the patience levels of regular format audience in auditorium.

6 months ago

Positives:- Dulquer Salmaan's personable performance. Shobhitha Dhulipala's spectacular screen presence. Sushin Shyam's extrodinary background score Best production quality in dulquer's film career. Anupama parameshwaran and Tovino Thomas surprise cameos.

Negatives:- Slow pace narration,which becomes an endurance kind of emotion to regular commercial format audience.

Story:- The story is nothing but a fictional narration based on the incidents and imaginative segments created by director regarding the life of prominent fugitive Sukumara Kurup,a legendary criminal who was reinterpreted over the years with different names and identities. The characterisation of Kurup will simply explained through an incident happend in his real life who burnt a man for own sake of profit in order to get insurance claim,under different consequences. This film just explains through screenplay how a criminal lead his life with most promising and dangerous events which are absolutely defined as criminal acts,who is still a mystery man on earth under police records over the years and ages. If we explain more than this,definitely it would be a spoiler for sure,so better we should give you reasons why you should watch the film atleast by chance.

Dulquer Salmaan,a promising actor who is well known for choosing best scripts came on to the south indian board with this fascinating bio pic. His performance on every segment in the story is quite brilliant and his makeover is absolutely charismatic on screen. Asusual,the promising actor with worth subject to entertain the indian audience with versatile subject like never before on big screen.

Shobhitha Dhulipala,the popular south indian actress who is proving herself with every possible oppurtunity in her best terms. Her attire,looks and magnetic eyes on majority scale will surely make you fall in love with her performance. Even though her character in second half is not on full pledged arc,every frame when she appears on screen will make you cherish for sure. Simply,"The hypnotic beauty in a biopic".

Indrajith Sukumaran and Shine Tom Chacko,one of the crucial characters for the film and they did their best works till date. Anupama parameshwaran and Tovino Thomas characters will make you surprise for few minutes in which we are not able to unveil them on this review article,so that you would feel what kind of surprise it is.

Technical Aspects:- Mindstein Studios done the best work in part of vfx shots,especially the title card is absolutely addiction with hypnotic visuals. Sushin Shyam's music and background score are spine to this film which we can feel the vintage flavour in the film through his musical composition,particularly in title card sequence. Nimish Ravi,the cinematographer who won the hearts of audience within the auditorium through his majestic visual frames matching the director's vision.

Srinath Rajendran's directional skills are need to be appreciated critically,who tried to kept his novelty kind of narration with balanced narration. He is at his own best,even though there are some slow pace segments which might not convince commerical film lovers. Vivek Harshan's convincing editing skills are one of the technial highlight for sure.

Verdict:- A novel kind of movie which has some lag screenplay in first half and decent conviction in second half. You can choose this film with zero expectations for your weekend unless you are the fan of regular commercial stuff,instead of this experiment kind of biopics.

Rating:- 2.5/5