Liger Movie Review..

3 months ago

"Vijay devarakonda's power packed performance"

Positives:- Vijay Devarakonda performance, Action Sequences, Background music, Mike Tyson's cameo

Negatives:- An unexpected climax, which is not everyone's cup of tea.

Rating:- 2.5/5

Story:- Liger's (Vijay Devarakonda) aim is to win the National MMA championship and achieve his mother's (Ramya Krishna) dream. He and his mother lands in Mumbai and managed to get an admission in Martial arts institute. Meanwhile, Liger falls in love with the bubbly girl Tanya (Ananya Pandey) whose aim is to become a top influencer on social media. Some random situations in between them leads to have some twists in tale and makes Liger to participate in National MMA championship with lots of guts and dedication. Is the National championship is his only life's goal? Will Tanya and Liger has a positive end in their love story? What is the link between the cameo role done by Mike Tyson (as announced in the trailer) and Liger? To get this answers, you have to experience this movie only in the theaters.

Performances:- Vijay Devarakonda- Liger is the most power packed character ever played in his filmography till date. We can see how much hard that he put his blood and body in physical workout to portray the character of "Liger". The stammering diction, action sequences and few emotional scenes are performed by Vijay Devarakonda on top notch. Each and every fan of Vijay Devarakonda will definitely love his hardwork and the performance in this movie. Unless it's Vijay devarakonda and his dedication, passion towards cinema this movie would not have been impressed the audience on huge scale for sure.

Ananya Pandey- this is the first film in Telugu language and sure that she is going to have a best future in Tollywood. Her performance is very impressive. The chemistry between Vijay and Ananya is on best note. We can consider them as fresh on-screen pair in this new generation's duo. Ramya Krishna, the tremendous performer who can pull off the attention of audience with her eyes. Her's role in this movie is actually a massive plus point for the first half of the movie and she did one of the best mother character penned by Puri Jagannadh. Vish, the bad guy role who is appeared only in the first half is up to the mark with his settled performance. Makarand Deshpande and Ali's roles can be consider as cameo characters in this movie. Somehow, Ali's role has a promising lead in this movie which changes the subject in second half. Chunkey Pandey's cameo role is well designed and just for limited portion of scenes. Ronit Roy did his best as Martial artist coach and should have been extend his role in some portions.

Perhaps, the well known comedian and artists Getup Srinu will get a promising set of comedy roles after this movie. Liger is definitely be a turning point to his filmography, who had the best scope to entertain the audience in the first half of the movie. The scenes between VD and Getup Srinu are well written by Puri Jagannadh.

Mike Tyson- the legendary boxer who made his first appearance on Indian screen with this Liger, will make your day for sure. Although his role is considered as cameo, the sequence between Vijay and Mike Tyson will entertain the fans, audience in equal ratio and builds lots of excitement while watching the movie. Perhaps, the best Cameo ever designed on Indian cinema which carries the weight of the original plot for few minutes in promising manner.

Puri Jagannadh- the dynamic writer and director delivered a solid Mass action drama for the fans of Telugu cinema,as promised. In fact, we can say that this is his experimental trail who made the happy end with different climax. That climax may not be everybody's cup of tea. But he didn't disappoint the fans when it comes to write the best action placements in this movie. In this decade, this movie will be remain as one of the best action packed tale in Puri's filmography.

The cinematography is done by Vishnu Sharma and his frames are soul factor for this movie. Visually brilliant and the camera work during action sequences are worth to watch on big screen. The editor Junaid Siddiqui done his best and contributed his brilliance to the vision of Puri Jagannadh. Suneel Kashyap's background is on good standard and the MMA portion's bgm is top notch in the second half. The songs are composed by various music directors for this movie and each song is worth to some extent when it comes to the Visual and entertaining aspects. But, the placements of two songs will definitely disappoints the mass lovers.

End of the topic, don't expect the solid punch lines from Puri Jagannadh in this movie who is actually known for the incredible one liners. It's a pure action drama and we can conclude it as "Vijay Devarakonda's beast performance and one man show in action portions". It's a pure theatrical movie to experience the high octane action sequences, besides some logics and non regular climax.

Final Verdict:- An action feast to the fans of Vijay Devarakonda. Keep the expectations on zero level and watch this movie only in the theaters. You will definitely enjoy each and every frame of few actors who did top notch performances like never before.