Pushpa Movie Review:- No Spoilers.

7 months ago

Allu Arjun's One Man Show.

Under many expectations and many gossips,"Pushpa" the film made by Sukumar is dropped into the theatres in all the languages(almost) globally. Let we give you the reasons why you need to choose this action drama for your weekend,without revealing any story plots and spoilers. It's a Review about a movie without revealing any story aspects.

Positives:- Allu Arjun's performance. Action Scenes. Devi Sri Prasad Music. Miroslaw Kuba Brozek's cinematography. Production values.

Negatives:- Climax won't satisfy all set of audience.

Rating:- 2.8/5

Allu Arjun-the icon star literally proved himself again by portraying this kind of versatile role in a separate dictional manner. He will surprise you for the first half an hour of the film with his mannerism and dailect he owned,in a perfect timing. The action scenes performed by him are literally a shout-out thing for the mass audience for sure. Every action scenes has it's own unique identity in which Allu Arjun showcased his stylish body language in every frame. We need to admit that the hardwork done by our beloved actor Allu Arjun is an exceptional thing that can't even imagine who went too far with his dedication,all these months behind the screen. From first frame to End Frame,he will amaze you with his never before acting skills and sticks you to the edge of the seat during his action sequences.

Rashmika Mandanna-who is simple known as Crush-mika in recent times,gave her best to this out and out prestigious project. We have to appreciate her for choosing this kind of deglamorous role and performed in an exceptional manner when compared to her previous films. Her Role "Srivalli" is the main character in this film who plants the change for the story in an unexpected manner,within the second half of the film. The scenes between Allu Arjun and Rashmika characters are literally amazing,funny and lovable too. We can consider this pair as one of the best on-screen couple in recent times.

The characters portrayed by Suneel and Anasuya are remarkable,precisely. For the first time,people got the oppurtunity to witness Suneel as full length villain in a terrible avatar. Every frame of him will inject strong impact on his character and the diction is completely new which is never expected from him till date. Anasuya's role is in smaller duration but impressed very much in every frame she appears. Her avatar is quite interesting and probably,if not it's a spoiler she might have the longer duration role in the second part of "Pushpa".

Ajay Ghosh and Dhanunjay,are one of the pillars of this story who turns the story with their character involvement very strongly. The performance are pretty much brilliant. The voice and performance of Ajay Ghosh will reminds you what an excellent performer he is. Dhanunjay done his best as far and awaiting to witness more span of time for his character in part 2. Shatru-one of the finest actor in tollywood got the best role in this film,when compared to the importance in his previous films. He literally shared the screen space with Allu Arjun in first half in an exciting manner as a cop. Sure,he is going to gain some fans in other languages with this film.

Fahadh Faasil-One of the righteous actor of south india who adapts any character through his nerves and performs in spectacular manner,which is an obvious thing for him. Even though he appears in this film from the portion of Pre Climax,the scenes between Allu Arjun and Fahad Fassil are literally very competitive. For the first time,he dubbed for this film in his own voice which is an impressive work,precisely. We need to wait for more months in order to witness the rage between the characters of Pushpa (Allu Arjun) and Banwar Singh Shekhawat (Faahadh). The Miroslaw Kuba Brozek's cinematography is top notch and to be honest,it's a soul to this massive project. He tried his best to bring Sukumar's vision with his excellent camera skills. Devi Sri Prasad,the rockstar of south india bought the out and out mass essence with his back ground score in this film. He again proved that his combination with Sukumar and Allu Arjun is always outstanding note,undoubtedly. The song which plays at the end of climax is literally a surprise thing for the audience,which is not included in the official audio album and we need to admit that he definitely justified with his music senses.

Sukumar's hardwork to bring this film is literally paid off. But,the audience literally felt some unsatisfactory thing which they felt while coming out of theatres. Did the expectations on him gone wrong or literally worth to wait for the second part of this film which is titled as "Pushpa-The Rule". Same opinions are extending through the social media by the fans and in general audience regarding this film. But,any how we need to wait more months to witness the actual story of "Pushpa",which is about to start in an extreme manner with back to back revenge plots sketched by villains to put an end to the ultra mass character "Pushpa".

Verdict:- Just keep your expectations Low and watch this film only in the theatres. If you are a hardcore fan of Allu Arjun,then it's definitely a feast of mass celebration. A one time watchable flick.