RAMA RAO ON DUTY movie review.

4 months ago

It's completely a RAVI TEJA show

Positive :- Raviteja performance, Songs, action sequences

Negative:- Slow-paced sequences in the first half.


Story:- This entire film revolves around the era of 1995. The story deals with the characterization of RAMA RAO (Ravi Teja)-the revenue officer who does not allow corruption under his jurisdiction. Under various circumstances, Rama Rao get transferred along with his wife (Divyansha Koushik) and her family to his home village. In that village, he takes charge and continues his duty with at most sincerity. In a random situation, he meets his love interest (Ex-Girlfriend) Malini (Rajisha Vijayan) who was married to Surender (Krishna Chaitanya) and leads a life of hard time after her husband went missing. Rama Rao promised her that he finds out about her missing husband with the help of his system which leads to a personal mission, unintentionally. The personal mission turns out as a search operation for the persons who went missing along with surender. Will Rama Rao succeeded in this secret operation? What's the action reason behind the missingness of those persons? Is there is a connection between the characters Rama Rao and Murali (Tottempudi Venu) who interacted with each other in the village in random situations?

Before stepping into the performances, plus points and technical aspects, the one thing we want to tell the viewers that this is an absolute a nonspoiler review in which you can see only the reasons whether to watch this or skip this movie. Particularly, this movie "RAMA RAO ON DUTY" is actually loaded with twists and thriller plots that are not allowed to mention in the review article so that the audience or fans might get the chance to experience them only on the big screen.

Pros and Cons:- The first and foremost thing is that we need to appreciate our mass maharaja RAVITEJA for choosing this kind of socio-genre subject as the main core of entertainment. It's not a regular commercial format film like we expect from our Raviteja, even though there are action scenes and few songs in the 150 minutes of film duration. It's actually an out-and-out serious mode screenplay in which the character RAMA RAO takes the lead for the centroid plot of this movie from the beginning itself.

RAVI TEJA, the righteous performer of South Cinema did justice to the role "Rama Rao". He is the one who bared all the responsibilities of this movie on his shoulder and carried the entire subject with his incredible performance. His avatar (look) is the plus point for this movie who actually replicated the natural behavior of a GOVERNMENT OFFICER in practical life, with some swag-level attitude as a bonus. If it's not Raviteja, then this film would not have been done by any actor with lots of guts by choosing the collaboration with a debutant director. He literally gave the eye feast frames with his screen presence for his fans and general audience in this screenplay-based socio genre.

The character and the screen space obtained for Rajisha Vijayan is far better than the other actress Divyansha Koushik. But the performances of both the actresses are very fine and Rajisha Vijayan did justice to her given character. Actually,there is no scope for Divyansha to showcase her performance in this movie. The flashback episodes between Rajisha and Ravi Teja characters are worked out well. But the sequences between Raviteja and Divyansha would have been written well by the maker, properly.

Tottempudi Venu-the favorite actor of Telugu audience, given his comeback with this movie as a police officer character. His character is designed for particular scenes that entertain and confuses the audience simultaneously. Until you watch the climax, you can't decide whether he played a negative role or a positive role. The combination scenes between Ravi Teja and Venu worked out well prominently. His comeback tag is not wasted for sure. Please make sure that your expectations on this character should be on zero level, so that your fandom on Venu shall not give chance for you to compare with his previous movies and importance in the entire movie.

The characters played by Nassar, Rahul Ramakrishna, Rishi, Sree (Erojullo fame), Mirchi Hemanth are up to mark . The character played by Sree is actually considered to be the best supportive role in the second half of this movie.

The debutant director Sarath Mandava succeeded in presenting the mass maharaj Raviteja on big screen. But, he might disappoint his fans when it comes to the matter of some aspects that can't mention in a review (Spoilers). End of the day, he succeeded as a good writer and scored better marks as a director but failed to impress some section of audience who expected full meals kind of emotions from this commercial entertainer.

The visuals of each and every song in this movie are considered as positive points. Especially, the song bulbul trang among the remaining three songs. The screenplay in some sequences is absolutely come under negative points for this movie. The action sequences are top notch and Ravi Teja proved himself that no one can replace his mass attitude when it comes to the action episodes. The cameo performance of Anveshi Jain added some relief to the mass audience who expects a special number in this kind of movie. This movie is an investigative thriller but lacks thrilling episodes in the majority of portions.

Final Verdict :- It's a one-man show that does not satisfy all sections of the audience.