Shekar Trailer launch event to be held on april 5th at Amb Cinemas.

1 week ago

The most awaited engaging thriller of Dr.Rajashekar's project as lead "Shekar" is slated to release on May 20th,globally. The big applause and positive feedback has been enrolled from the audience for all the songs-promos-teasers that were aired on internet till date. The fans and regular cinema goer of t-town are literally waiting to have the trailer of this film from the team. The trailer launch event of this "Shekar" is going to happen on this may 5th officially at AMB cinemas,from 11am onwards. The near and dear ones among telugu states who loves to see Dr.rajashekar in this kind of stories are extending their warm wishes towards this team for a big hit at box office. Apart from the promotions,the film itself has strong content which is far versatile for the personality of Dr.rajashekar like never before in terms of characterisation and his new avatar to bring the audience into the theatres on first show.