Sky Lab movie review:- No Spoilers

5 months ago

A once watchable curious visual novelty,brings smiles on your face.

Sky Lab- A directional venture of Vishvak Khanderao who is debuting into tollywood town with this mainstream film in his own terms. This film released today (December 4th) in maximum number of theatres which included Overseas count. Instead of verdicting it as hit or flop at box office,let us give you some reasons why this film will be stands as a good visual novelty and may be those reasons might give you the answers for wether you can choose this film to watch in theatres for your weekend or not.

Story:- The whole story revolves around three major characters who tries to achieve their individual goals regarding their personal lives within in an eccentric village of Telangana,which sets back in the year of 1979. Gauri,Rama Rao and Anand are those major characters of this story,who turns as the connection between the situations happens in the village after getting an announcement about "Sky Lab" fall on their village from the space due to it's system failure. The villagers explores some situations after going through announcements about Sky Lab fall off. Does the skylab really falls on this village and kills everyone?what is the connection between these three characters and the village particularly?Do they succeeded in what they dreamt about?

Positives:- performances of each and every actor production values background score Climax

Negatives: Screenplay which is not an everyone's cup of tea,even though it's brilliant. Some scenes may tests the patience for those who habituated to commercial elements.

Rating:- 2.8/5 (A once watchable entertainer)

Satya Dev-the promising actor who is proving with every film since few years as lead and gaining fans with his way of choosing subjects. This film will be remains as one of the versatile performance in his career who did the role as "Doctor Anand" in the separate and new body language. As we knew that he is already a proved actor,so there is no remark to tag him regarding this film too.

Nithya Menen- The bubbly girl who debuted into tollywood with nandini reddy's "Ala Modhalaindi" and became one of the favourite actress for the people of telugu states by selecting lovable roles and versatile subjects. In this film,she will be seen as "Gauri" an aspiring writer. Her looks are extremely beautiful and performance in every frame is literally an exceptional thing for sure. To the surprise,for the first time she produced this film as co-producer and extended her immense support to the director and film team. This film will remains as a special note in her film career for sure.

Rahul Ramakrishna- The new age comedian who is turning out to be named as "Best Actor" with his promising performances. We need to appreciate him for balancing both the comedy dictions and extreme emotions in various segments on a thin thread,in every possible film. As a main lead,he is one of the major entertainer in this film who shares screenspace mostly with satyadev. The actors like Thanikella bharani,senior actress Thulasi and youngster Vishnu (Taxiwala) impressed the audience whenever they appears on the screen with their best expressing nature of given characterisation and special telangana slang-dialect. Each and every actor in this movie showcased their best performances even though most of them are debutant actors for big screen. By the way,every character is important to this kind of subject which creates an unknown fun while travelling into the story within the auditorium.

Vishwak Khanderao's directional skills are extremely good and the way he presented his narration movie is quite impressing for sure. The climax portion is literally brilliant which portrayed an important message along with some curiosity. Even though his screenplay is apt for this kind of plot,it's not an addiction thing for the theatrical experience as lot of movies in this kind of genres are entertaining on Ott platforms successfully. So the audience who additected to Ott convenience may not love this film within the theatres,even though director tried his best to give a worth film in his own limitations. But we are sure that,this film is going to create critical acclaim and blockbuster talk on ott in after completing it's theatrical run.

Aditya Javvadi's cinematography is one of the main asset to this film who succeeded in picturising the director's vision with his best framing skills undoubtedly. Shivam Rao's production design is an additional highlight which enhanced the flavour of story that stood in the nerves of director and cinematographer. Prashanth R Vihari's music will drive you some nostalgia moment which u might have experience in some old movies-classic touch. The background composed by him is literally a plus point to the film,particularly when it comes to pre climax and climax portions. He is definitely going to heights in the future for sure with his music compositions. Prithvi Pinnamaraju's production scale is appreciable who took a daring step by producing this kind of movie and presented it to the audience only in the theatres instead of opting for Ott platforms for direct releases,even though there is a tough box office competition in december season.

Verdict:- This film will not satify all types of audience and absolutely it's a once watchable in theatres. A pure ott content stuff,based on present trend. If you are a hardcore fan of satyadev,nithamenen and rahul ramakrisha,then you can choose this film with zero level expectations for your weekend.