Spiderman-No Way Home Movie Review :- No Spoilers

7 months ago

A Must Watch Visual Wonder from Marvel and Sony houses.

After some months of anticipation,the Marvel and Sony houses bought us the gigantic gift for this christmas season. "Spiderman-No Way Home" is the most prestigious and proud project among super hero cinematic universe which is released in india ahead of it's original date with wide openings. Let's check out why you need to watch this movie only in theatres for this weekend through this review kind of article,without any spoilers.

Rating:- 4.5/5 (A film with tons of emotions and package of surprises)

Highlights:- Performances Action sequences. Visual effects. Back Ground Score. Multiple cameos that stood for longer duration under the tag of "Surprise".

Story:- Peter Parker a.k.a Spiderman (Tom Holland) goes through an identity crisis which happens after the smart villain "Mysterio" unvealed the face of Spiderman through his leaked video byte,before his death. This happens in the second part of Spiderman Franchise i.e., "Spiderman-Far From Home". That means,the end of "Far From Home",is an absolute beginning for "No Way Home". After this identity exposure of spiderman,peter parker faces many troubles within his living hood and becomes trouble to the careers of his girl friend MJ(zendaya) and his best friend NED (Jacob Batalon). So,he decided to put an end to all of these mess and visits dr.strange-the sorcerer Supreme for the help. What happens from there is an actual story,which might literally acts as a "spoiler",If we tells you right now. So,let we keep this as secret for you in order to skip the spoiling of your excitement by revealing the major plots of this film.

Tom Holland,the finest performer who did hundred percent justification for the roles of Peter Parker and Spiderman at a time. He really showcased the exceptional emotions with his performance for the 6th time successfully as Spiderman. The way he moulds himself as peter parkar and spiderman in an alternative segments,is literally a brilliant thing ever seen in the marvel cinematic universe. No Doubt,he is a gifted actor from the hollywood boards for the global audience particularly as peter parker-the biggest fandom character accepted by the people across the globe.

Zendaya and Jacob Batalon,are the best supporting characters for this entire movie who portrayed their given roles in an exceptional manner and became the main part in this gigantic success. The funny dictions enhanced by Jacob Batalon is absolutely refered to be an out and out hilarious plus point for this kind of story which locked the mixed emotions within the script itself. The scenes between zendaya and tom holland are snynonym for the cuteness and we need to agree that this pair will be remain as one of the finest "Love-Doves" in the hollywood romantic history.

Benedict Cumberbatch a.k.a Dr.Strange,the man who stood as a backbone for this action drama with his specatular avatar and stylish performance. The scenes and segments between Dr Strange and Spiderman will be enrolled as an eye-feast celebration for sure. It's literally glad to witness this duo on the big screen,after going through an emotional bond between the tony stark and spiderman's combination. Ofcourse,we can admit that Dr Strange is a righteous gaurdian to peterparker,after tony stark's loss. We want to tell you more about this combination but again the "spoiler alert" is notifying our mind and warned us to stop here instead of expressing more about this particular "Dr.Strange and Peter Parker" topic.

The performances of cameos that will appear on big screen are insanely brilliant and believe us,they gonna make you scream under the word "Excitement" with in the theatrical auditorium for sure. Simply,an exemplary fan stuff is playing in your nearest theatres.

The story is written by "Chris McKenna" and "Erik Sommers" in their best terms and "Jon Watts" direction is an incredible thing that happend in reason times,particularly for the fans of Marvel Cinematic Universe. We need to thank the producers of this movie who bought this extravaganza with their mighteous production values,"Kevin Feige" and "Amy Pascal". "Mauro Fiore" is one of the main highlight for this proud venture who captured the emotions with his own "cinematography" skills in an exceptional manner. The visual effects are the top prior for this kind of super hero action dramas and promisingly,Story is the "life" then the visual effects are "soul" when it comes to this "Spiderman-No Way Home".

Verdict:- A worth superhero film for all kinds of ages. Please Do watch this Extrodinary visual wonder only in the theatres with safety precautions and a kind request for every movie goer that don't take a chance to skip the "Two Post Credit Scenes" which are the precious additional surprises,before coming out of the auditorium.