Suicide Squad and Peacemaker's Amanda Waller to get a spin off series..?

1 week ago

James Gunn is the director who is specially known for dealing the superhero movies in both the boundaries of MARVEL and DC. Each and every film of his superhero genre became blockbuster in a decade of timeline,undoubtedly. He literally bought the accurate life to the characters which are originally from the comic books,with his own kind of improvisation. Among them,no one and specially the fans of DC won't forget the characters of "Suicide Squad" that were bought live from book to big screen by james gunn in an exceptional manner. Among them,the toughest and rebel kind of woman character is "Amanda Waller" who will be seen in both the sequels of suicide squad along with a cameo screen presence in the recent spin off series "Peacemaker". As per the updates,james gunn is scripting a special spinoff series for the "Amanda Waller" character which is an additional extention to the series "Peace Maker". If all goes well and possibily good,this spin off series will be ready to stream by 2023 for sure. By the way,the actress "Viola Davis" to return to this character in order continue as like before under this spin off series.