The most wanted stream of RRR,Mumbai's pre release event will telecast on december 31st.

6 months ago

As a part of promotions,the master mind of film making SSR planned a granduer event on the land of bollywood "Mumbai" in recent times and made it with the most unexpected big launch for our stars of telugu cinema tarak and ramcharan. The guests like Karan Johar and Salman Khan graced the event in an exceptional manner on that night. Due to some various reasons,this pre release event was not considered on live stream or telecast and enrolled to store it as pre recorded event.

As per the news,the mumbai pre release event of RRR is going to telecast on zee cinemalu on this december 31st from 11pm onwards. It's a classy way to end the year and begin the new year with the RRR's special moments in the best positive way. The zee house acquired this streaming rights for a whooping price and presenting it to the fans as a new year gift in a grandeur manner. The fans literally awaiting to witness the proud pre release event in which the two stars of telugu cinema re going to create some fandom levels on the dias of bollywood. It's literally blessed to see the bhaijaan of bollywood salman khan,rama rao and ram charan on the same dias. The remaining pre release events that occured at tamilnadu and kerala are streaming on the youtube in respective media channels.