Total 19,137 covid cases are enrolled and active in india.

1 week ago

It seems like the pandemic cycle is going to happen within no time,as per the stats that are repeating again like the year 2020 in an unexpected manner. The total death numbers has updated to 5 lakh plus in india and most of them are from the northern part of india. The latest update has arrived from the national news bulletin regarding this increasing of covid cases in rapid mode and in total 19,137cases are enrolled officially by now and few hundreds are lead to death among them,sadly. Some of the organisations and netizens are suggesting the national authorities to impose a mini lockdown again for some period of time in order to get control over this rise in covid cases. Lots of debates and plannings are happening with in the health organisations regarding this tough situation,which is happening over the timeline where the humans began their new life after those hardest two years of pandemic.