4 months ago

A promising mysterious visual thriller.

Rating :- 3/5

Positives:- Kichcha Sudeep, Cinematography, Background music, Some thrilling sequences in the second half.

Negatives:- Few slow paced scenes in first half.

It's a movie written and directed by ANUP BHANDARI under the production house of Jack Manjunath and Shalini Manjunath. The supreme performer of South Indian Cinema KICHCHA SUDEEP is the main lead of this movie whereas the actors Neetha Ashok, Nirup Bhandari, Jacqueline Fernandez, Ravi Shankar Gowda and many more actors will be seen in crucial roles in this mysterious visual project. With the collaboration of technicians and banners like Salman Khan Films, Zee Studios, and Kichcha Creatiions this movie is released on this July 28 across the globe in multiple languages.

Story:- Vikrant Rona (Kichcha Sudeep) begins his life along with his little daughter and takes charge as a police officer after happening some mysterious murders in the ancient village called Komarattu. In the investigation process, he gets an interaction with few lead characters who lives within the Komarattu village. Among them, Panna (Neetha Ashok) and Sanju (Nirup Bhandari) are the crucial personalities who becomes love interest to each other and turnes out as the supportive characters for Vikrant who unintentionally produces clues for the mysterious murders happening in the village. Meanwhile, he get to know that lot of known personalities of that village are involved in this multiple murder cases. Does Vikrant Rona has any connection with these murder cases happening in the perimeter of Komarattu? What is the importance of his daughter role in the on going surprising life of Vikrant Rona? Who is the mysterious person or criminal behind all these murders? We have to experience the answers for all these questions on big screen. Let us know the reasons that why we have to watch this visual venture only in the theatres.

Performances:- Kiccha Sudeep, the promising performer of Sandalwood shined in the VIKRANT RONA role. His styling, screen presence and bold dialogue diction is unmatchable for sure. The way he involved in the character and showcased the versatile attitude in the role of Vikrant Rona is absolutely impressive. Particularly, he performed very well in the emotional sequence which happens in the second half of the movie (pre climax) followed by the roaring action sequence in the climax. The fans will definitely enjoy his each and every frame which are filled with ultimate swag poses. We have to appreciate Sudeep for dubbing in Telugu language very perfectly as same as his domestic(native) language. Apart from surprising elements in this movie, his performance with the little kid who played as his daughter will remain as the top most highlighted point.

Neetha Ashok and Nirup Bhandari done justice to their roles with their cute on screen chemistry. Nirup Bhandari's transformation in the second half of this movie is absolutely stands as a surprising package. You can have this kind of surprises in the second half of the movie which are actually works as spoilers in the review column. So, just keeping them as hidden points under non spoilers column which are mandatory for audience to experience on big screen. Neetha Ashok's bubbly screen presence will steals your heart for sure. Other actors are not in the proper portions but performed very well for the length of the character they have given by the makers of this movie.

Jacqueline Fernandez, the gorgeous actress surprised her fans and in general audience with her hottest screen presence in a special musical number. Even though there is nothing to do with this character when it comes to the story or any kind of important aspect, this role is actually a relief to the particular section of audience who felt bored with serious screenplay in this mysterious tale. She appears for a set of few frames in the first half and re-entry in the second half. Jacqueline nailed the performance with her hottest dance moves in second half with hypnotic music number RA RA RAKKAMMA. Simply, it's a cameo role like a bonus that came on board in the middle of the film to generate fandom emotion for the mass audience.

Technical aspects:- The visuals in this movie are considered as major plus point for this kind of mysterious tale. The way the director ANUP BHANDARI managed to blend vfx and cinematography frames with the help of crew is simply amazing. Some frames will make you feel fresh even though the situations are predictable and routine. The background score and music composed by B Ajaneesh Loknath is actually a soul factor for this entire movie, otherwise this movie would have been chosen as scrap when it comes to the presentation of some particular sequences in first half. The production values are top notch and the entire credit goes to the producers Jack Manjunath and Shalini Manjunath who spent money in worth manner in order to present the best cinematic experience for the audience. Ashik Kusugolli's editing and DI coloring work are the major factors for this kind of typical suspense thriller. It enhanced the surreal flavor which helped us to involve in the characters and so called ancient village nativity, while we watching on big screen. The makers bought this movie in 3D and 2D format into the theatres to give the incredible experience for the audience. The impact while watching this movie in 3D format is literally WOW. The kids will definitely enjoy some action episodes which are specially choreographed by the makers to create an emotion of awesomeness while watching them in 3D format.

The other language audience will definitely expect KGF kind of hit factors from this movie as it's been tagged as Pan Indian Cinema which is actually originated from the house of KANNADA cinema. But, the fact is you never gonna find high voltage elevation scenes and very much intensed characters in this movie for sure. It's just a tale that sticks you from beginning to ending in the theatre and mesmerizes with amazing visuals, surprising plots and thrilling sequences in majority of portions. Additionally, you will definitely experience two horror sequences in this movie. So, Vikrant Rona is a mixed emotion genre that recreates freshness and best theatrical experience even though some plots are predictable. We cannot consider this as a blockbuster of this season but this is the film which has to be watched only in the theatres atleast once. A worth to watch only in the theatres.

Final Verdict:- Vikrant Rona is a majestic visual entertainer to watch once in the theatres. Mark this movie under your weekend watchlist with zero expectations to have the best sound and thrilling theatrical experience. This movie is more worth if you choose to watch it in 3D format which is available in majority number of theatres.