" THE WARRIORR " Review..

4 months ago

A routine and predictable commercial entertainer.

Movie:- The Warriorr. Cast:- Ram Pothineni, Krithi Shetty, Aadhi Pinnishetty, Nadiya, Akshara Gowda. Music:- Devi Sri Prasad. Director:- N Lingusamy.

Rating :- 2.3/5

under the tons of expectations and gigantic promotions- the most awaited action entertainer "THE WARRIORR" is arrived in the theatres on this Thursday (July 14) in both the Telugu and Tamil languages simultaneously. It's a directional movie of N Lingusamy, who made the blockbuster entertainers like Run, Pandemkodi, Awaara. This is the first collaboration of this mass director and our Ustaad Ram Pothineni. Let's check out whether this movie reached the expectations of audience or not. It's a non-spoiler review.

Story:- Instead of revealing some exciting elements from first half of this movie, let us tell you the main plot in crisp manner which is related to the second half of the movie. The second half is accurately matched with the trailer cut and we believe it's not a spoiler activity. Satya ( Ram Pothineni ) enters in into the city of KURNOOL by taking charge as SATYA IPS as per his own priority, after some crucial events happened in his life. He challenge the local gangster GURU (Aadhi Pinnishetty) and his gang about take on their criminal activities. Many incidents happen between Guru and Satya which leads to the personal rivalry. Is there a reason behind Satya becoming IPS and taking charge only in Kurnool as his first priority ? What is the relation between Mahalakshmi (Krithi shetty) and Satya? Did he achieved his goal by planning an end to the Guru's criminal records? You need to see on big screen in order to know what is the actual reason behind Satya becoming an IPS officer.

Performances:- RAM POTHINENI is known for his charismatic performances. He proved that again by adapting the cop role in this pure commercial entertainer. His dialogue delivery and incredible dance moves in song portions were absolutely top notch. Undoubtedly, he did his best when it comes to a surprise role in first half and cop role in second half of this movie. The bubbly and promising performer KRITHI SHETTY shared the screen space with energetic star Ram Pothineni for the first time. She proved again that any role can be justified with her beautiful screen presence. The chemistry between Ram and Krithi characters is very much impressive. Specially, the screen presence of these two performers in Bullet Song will be marked as one of the major highlights. Krithi Shetty almost matched the energy of Ram pothineni when it comes to the dance frames. These both will be tagged as fresh and best On-Screen pair in Tollywood town.

Aadhi Pinnishetty- the under rated actor who can pull off negative and positive characters with an ease, showcased his best levels of acting in this action entertainer. He arrived on to the big screen by choosing negative shade in this movie and gave tough competition to Ram pothineni's character very equally as an antagonist. His raw and intense looks are the plus points for the screenplay. It's definitely an eye feast for the fans when the action or face to face sequences between Ram Pothineni and Aadhi Pinnishetty takes place on big screen. Nadiya, Akshara Gowda did their best for the characters which has the less screen time on big screen to perform . Posani Murali Krishna is seen just like a cameo role in the first half of the movie. Remaining characters are only for the additional support which has no identification properly.

Technical aspects:- N Lingusamy, the director who is very well known for the dealing of mass and commercial entertainers failed to impress the audience with this movie. All though his previous movies belongs to the ages, much better than this movie when compared to the changes that happened in cinema making in last few years. It's just a disappointment for the fans of Ram pothineni who expected much from this director after receiving the promises in promotional events from the director. Apart from this, the title selection "THE WARRIORR" made by him is apt for this kind of story.

Devi Sri Prasad's musical numbers are one of the plus points for this action entertainer. The bullet song and whistle song worked out well in terms of fandom emotions on big screen. But, the background score in some sequences were not up to the mark.

Sujith Vassudev's cinematography and Navin Nooli's editing are best technical highlights for this commercial flick. The production values of Srinivasa Silver Screen banner are worth and accurate for the story that they chosen to produce in both Telugu and Tamil as bilingual project.

Final Verdict :- A routine commercial entertainer to watch once in the theatre. Except the best performances of lead cast, you can predict everything in this movie from prologue to epilogue.