Elon Musk says that he want to buy coca cola.

3 months ago

Elon Musk,the ceo of tesla cars surprised everyone with an immediate act of buying twitter over the night and stood as one of the successful personality on the earth by taking decisions like that very daringly. Lots of youngsters are taking him as inspiration in lot of ways and lot of business tycoons are falling into jealous for the amount of popularity,success and identity he gained across the world. Now,he came on the news board again by expressing his new desire in a funny manner. He says that he want to buy Coca Cola and want to add Cocaine again into it. Yeah,he said that on public platform through his own account which leads to surprise the global netizens again. Some of the people over twitter are confirmed that he is joking about that but he has plans to buy coca cola and wants to do big which can't even imagina what kind of idea he has behind the reason to buy it.